How My BF Fucks me.

If you follow me you pbbly know that I love to be stretched by huge BBCs. As a result my cunt is quite loose and I rely on heavy Kegel exercises to keep my vaginal muscles toned.

Even compared to BBCs my bf still gives me the BFE (BestFuckEver). This is how he does it. I’ve never told anyone before.

When he inserts his cock in me he uses one hand holding his cock to exert pressure on my vaginal walls - all around, but mostly the front where my gspot is. Yes, he knows exactly where my gspot is.

He then uses his other hand to push down on my pubic area - again pressuring on my gspot.  Sometimes he pumps me but usually that’s not required. He pushes on my gspot from both side, moving his cock, I get into sustained convulsive orgasms without much effort on his part.

In order to give me a similar orgasm a BBC has to work out a sweat!

But that’s only a small part of why I love my bf so dearly.



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