A Brief History of little sub whore amy.

If you run into me at work, you wouldn’t recognize me as a slut coz I dress like a good girl with light makeups and I even talk in a non-flirting manner.

After work I’m a full time slut and a part time whore. Actually I never walked the street, but my BF says I fuck like a whore and I fantasize myself being a street whore someday coz it turns my BF on to no end.

I’d do anything to please my BF, the reverse is also true.

My BF and I have an open relation - anything goes and does, except he’s monogamous to me.

What I want to talk about today is that I’m planning on making out with a girl. Why?

About a year ago I met Pamela on the blogs. She’s a horny slut like me only she’s more brazen in her deeds. I am quite a scarty cat compared to Pam.

Pam told me her stories with a Florida female ob-gyn that fisted her during a routine exam. The doctor arranged followup appointment at the end of the next day.

When Pam arrived at the clinic, she noticed that everyone was getting ready to quit and by the time Pam was fixed at the examination table with her legs strapped panties dropped the Dr. came in and dismissed her assistant.

Pam knew she was alone with the Dr.

The Dr. examined Pam with a professional straight face the entire duration. Pam knew she was molested but she felt so good she did not protest. Pam even came a few times while she was hand fisted - in the name of examination.

Pam had to hold a straight face during the entire procedure even though she wanted to moan and she also had to control her body not to move too much because of the pleasure she was receiving.

Pam told me being fisted by a woman’s hand is much more pleasurable than a man’s hand, coz a women’s hands are thinner and move in and out with much ease.

The Dr. knew where Pam’s g-spot was.

I have become so bi-curious since!

…. to be continued

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